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Is Radio still a good Buy in SA and how Presenters can make Radio Advertising more Effective

Is Radio still a good buy in South Africa?

According to Gordon Muller "media inflation in SA over the past 20 years... would seem to confirm the view that radio is not a good buy, or, at least, not a cost-efficient buy."

We know radio has few rivals when it comes to effective advertising... but is it pricing itself out of the market?

How Presenters can make Radio Advertising more Effective - Webinar

A panel of radio experts on the FM Redzone/ NAB webinar discuss how the rise of radio presenters as campaign influencers has changed the game. Watch the webinar here. (Video starts at 1:29).

Click below to read the webinar summary.

UK Research shows how Radio can help the Retail, Entertainment and Leisure Sectors Bounce Back

As the UK begins to open up again, radio can help boost the leisure industry’s much needed bounce back.

Radio... the one Friend or Colleague who wasn't on Mute in 2020

Tim Zunckel on how radio's most enduring qualities were never more in evidence than during lockdown.

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