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Develop an Audio Strategy, Sonic Branding and Predictions on Advertising Outlook for 2021

Does your Brand have an Audio Strategy ?

South African consumers now have so many audio channels to choose from that no one media house can deliver your maximum audience at the most cost effective rate. Developing an Audio Strategy is about applying the age-old media planning principle of reaching your target on as many different channels as possible at the most cost effective rate. Here's a practical example: combining broadcast radio with digital audio allows you to reach your SEM 10 target through their favourite international podcast on the way to work; then reach them again through the evening business show on 702/ Kaya/ Power as they drive to gym where, of course, you can then reach them through their Spotify playlist. This article from Radiocentre in the UK explains how digital audio and broadcast radio complement each other. Read More.

"In a World where Audio increasingly Shapes the Consumer Brand Experience, Shell is Emerging as a Maestro"

Read how Shell is excelling at the sonic branding game. “Nothing makes something more human than having the ability to communicate at a nonverbal level. And therefore just having a visually iconic brand logo was never going to be enough,” Dean Aragon, CEO of Shell Brands International. Read More.

Jeremy Maggs Surveys Local Advertising Leaders on the Outlook for 2021

A mixed bag of predictions... but one common theme seems to be that clients will rely even more on their agencies for guidance through the anticipated turmoil. Read More.

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