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Gagasi and Heart leave Mediamark, Radio supports Mental Health and Apple to monetise Podcasts

Gagasi and Heart leave Mediamark

Big news of the week is that Gagasi FM and Heart FM will be launching their own sales operation from 1 July. Read More

500 Radio stations broadcast the Mental Health Minute

Over lockdown in the UK 8 in 10 people said they listen to radio because “it makes me happy” and “improves my mood”.

That was the inspiration for over 500 UK radio stations to simultaneously broadcast the same one minute message about mental health last Friday, featuring famous voices from the worlds of sport, music and more. Read More

Apple to introduce paid Subscriptions for Podcasts

The 'inventors' of the podcast are finally working out how to monetise them.

Read More

Clubhouse hype Dissipates as downloads Plummet

As Facebook and Twitter enter the Social Audio space the trendsetter, Clubhouse, suffers a dramatic drop in interest. Read More

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