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How to Elevate your Brand, Relationship between Radio & Podcasting and the launch of SoundInsights

How Clever Brands are making Social Audio Work for them

Why has voice marketing suddenly become so popular? Well, the broader world is rediscovering what those of us with radio backgrounds never forget - the power of the human voice. Paulo Dias explains.

Can Radio Presenters really make my Campaign a Success?

No longer can a broadcaster just be a presenter with a good voice. Now they need to be social media influencers, content providers, story tellers, brand ambassadors and have an impact on their community.

Register here for the FM Redzone digital discussion “Radio Talent Management: Reshaped and Redefined”.

The Relationship between Radio and Podcasting

Dave Tiltmann of AME explores how brands can integrate the two and achieve the best of both worlds.

Stations Step Up to the Plate in the Absence of RAMS

With the industry-accepted RAMS radio audience measurement still on hold due to Covid, Kagiso Media Radio has launched SoundInsights. This research gives businesses considering radio advertising access to first-party data from over one million real radio listener profiles.

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