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Podcasts. What Brands need to know, Jeremy Mansfield's new venture and subscribe-worthy audio

So your Comms Teams want you to do a Podcast. What Brands should know before Hitting Record

Ultimate Media’s podcast expert, Paulo Dias, with a series of practical tips for brands considering creating their own podcasts. Read More

Jeremy Mansfield launches 'Mansfield2Day'

This week Jeremy Mansfield launched his own daily YouTube vodcast ‘Mansfield2Day’. In these vodcasts the ex-radio host, who left Hot 91.9 in February this year, talks about business, health and just about everything else with special guests each week. Time will tell if this ‘vodcast’ show format will work. Read More

What kind of Audio will Listeners Subscribe to?

South Africans are loath to pay subscriptions - preferring an advertiser to foot the bill. Apple and Spotify's paid plans are shaking up the way we monetize our audio content and podcasts. Is there a local podcaster you would pay for? And what would their content need to be? Would paying listeners force presenters to up their game? Read More

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