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Save our Summer (SOS)

Smile 90.4FM are encouraging Cape Town to “Save our Summer” and get vaccinated. As we all know summer of 2020/21 was non-existent due to Lockdown. Capetonians, more than ever, missed going to the beach and being able to celebrate summer after our long wet and cold winter. Smile 90.4FM does not want this to happen again.

The above initiative started on Monday 23rd August in Smile Breakfast where listeners were asked to nominate a song that would be the ideal soundtrack for ”getting vaccinated”. The suggestions and engagement from listeners was astonishing.

The breakfast show debated this in a poll on social media and Jamming by Bob Marley won the listeners votes. You can hear the song here.

Smile 90.4FM will run the Save our Summer Campaign from September to end of November in the hope of getting listeners vaccinated and saving summer.

Article from Smile 90.4FM newsletter, June to August 2021.

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