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The Branded Podcast Edition

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Why Brands should consider their own Podcasts

A branded podcast will not make money as a podcast, but it can make business sense. With this in mind, give your podcast a clear reason. Is it a CRM tool? A branding tool, a piece of internal communication? Or is it a smarter way to interact with your brokers or reps on the road?

Carat SA Show how it’s Done

Here’s a perfect example of a South African brand who created a podcast to build awareness and offer value to their clients. It’s the ‘Oh, that word’ podcast from Carat SA, one of the country’s leading media agencies. They bagged an interview with renowned marketing guru, Mark Ritson. Proof that you should never underestimate your pulling power, no matter how small or big your audience. This podcast is produced by Ultimate Media.

“The average Listening Time to an episode of a branded Podcast… is 28 Minutes”

Brands should build out a podcast strategy that complements and feeds into what they’re doing on social media, radio, print and tv. The Creative Director of Acast (a leading international branded podcast producer) explains.

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