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Why Audio Streams, Behaviour Changes, does Drive Time matter & MacG loses Old Mutual Backing

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Should your Brand be on Audio Streams?

Audio streaming has been in SA for over two decades, but unsurprisingly its popularity grew exponentially during the initial 2020 lockdown.Ultimate Media's Paulo Dias' latest article for Financial Mail Red Zone. Read More.

Does Drive-Time even Matter anymore?

Has Covid changed our most basic assumptions about radio listening patterns? Read More.

Why Radio can help Brands Capitalise on the Pandemic’s Behaviour Changes

Research in the UK shows that, since March’s initial lockdown commenced, 30% of commercial radio listeners claim to have tried a new brand, 25% higher than non-listeners. Read More.

Old Mutual Terminates Sponsorship with MacG after Transphobic Comments

Content on podcasts may not be subject to the control of BCCSA (Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA) but they are still subject to sanction from sponsors, as MacG found out to his cost this week. Read More.

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